I'm already a Patreon Supporter of yours, why am I still locked out of content on this website?

Make sure you're already logged into Patreon on your browser and try again. This only applies if your pledge tier matches or is higher than what is required.

Can you have sex with x character yet?

The game is still in its alpha stage and there are a ton of content yet to be added. With that being said, unless it's the Drunk Girl, the Landlady, Effie, or Xina (The ghost-like girl in the sex world), then no, you cannot have sex with them yet.

Will you be able to have sex with x character?

The answer is most likely, any female character will most likely have at least one sex scene. The more popular characters will have fleshed out story progression whilst less popular, minor-roled characters will have short to no real in-depth story.

When is the next update?

Updates are released approximately every 4-5 weeks. Early access Patrons of $10+ get it 7 days earlier than everyone else and Patrons of $7+ get it 3 days earlier.

Non-Patrons only have access to releases that are a version behind.

On the Downloads page, there is a countdown timer counting down to an approximate date and time that the update will drop.

Does GeeSeki do everything himself?

No, I've had some commission work done such as background art-aid, and music tracks made. In addition to those, I had a programmer help fix and organize the pigsty of a game I had before, I've had a writer contribute ideas and dialogue to a character's story, and lastly, someone to help converse dialogue so it fits in with Patreon's guidelines. Currently, I have another artist to help me flesh out CG Scenes.

Also, I cannot take full credit for some of the ideas and concepts that go on in the game. Community contribution is highly welcomed and will only make for a better experience!

How long have you been working on this game?

I've started development around the Middle of December 2016. As of writing this FAQ (March 2018), I've been working on this game for a year and some change.

When will you finish the game?

It's hard to say at the moment, with the wide range of character stories to add and intertwine together, along with the main story; there is a whole heap to get done. With that being said, the more character stories I add, the shorter they will become due to their lack of popularity from the beginning.

Edit: Although it's still an estimated guess, I came to the conclusion based on how my pace is going and how much content is left that I will finish the game in 2021. Give or take a few months.

What does GeeSeki mean?

GeeSeki derives from the Korean word 'Geu Saek-ki-bo-da', which translates to 'That Motherfucker'. I guess if that is the case, 'GeeSeki' translates to 'Dat (mother)fuggah'.

What are the cheats?

The cheats are codes given to $5+ Patreon Supporters and they are used to manipulate skill and relationship points. In addition to that, players with the cheats enabled also get given access to the 'Fail-Safe' feature which allows them to jump to a 'chapter' in a character's story either for pleasure or to bypass an error in the game.

If you would like to get a hold of these cheats -

Note: You need to be logged into your Patreon account to view the cheat codes.