Alpha 0.01 - The Bed Update


+Menu Button Name Change
+Added Quit Screen
+Added Intro cut scene (4 Frames)
+Added Wake up Jane scene
+Added Randomized Chalkboard for Patrons in My Kitchen
+Added 2 Character (Player, Missus)
+Added 3 Locations (My Bedroom, My Hallway, My Kitchen)


+Improved Jane Wake Up Scene (Line Clean Up)
+Improvements in the dialogue


+Improved Jane Wake Up Scene (Body Outline)

Alpha 0.02 - The School Update


+Added outlines for the character in the intro scene
+Added Characters (Dad, Jacob, Effie, Teacher)
+Added Town Map Screen
+Added Main GUI (Map, Phone, Bag, Clock)
+Added 8 Locations (Bathroom, Classroom, Front of Classroom, Jane’s Room, Living Room, School Hallway 1, School Hallway 2. School Yard)
+Added Day/Night cycle for existing locations excluding the inside of the school
+Added Disclaimer at the start
+Changed the Textbox
-Phone and Bag aren’t useable
-Jane’s Bedroom has daytime outside her window at night

Alpha 0.03 - The Milkshake Update


+Added 7 Locations (Café Inside, Café Outside, Outside Effie’s House, Effie’s Hallway, Effie’s Room, Main Beach, Beach Change Rooms x4)
+Added Effie's H-Scenes
+Added 6 Character Sprites (POV Naked, Effie Naked, Effie Work, Jane, Jane Naked, Violette)
+Ability to name ‘Jane’.
+Added 2 Beach Change room Attendees
+Added Violette side story (minor)
+Added Phone Contacts section to keep track of your relationship points.
+Added ‘???’ name for unrevealed character names
-Effie Milkshake Date has no CG
-Phone Calls aren’t functional and Skills section on the phone is empty.
-Café Menu Board isn’t full


+Jane’s Window at night fixed
+Jane’s Name Colour has been fixed
+Grammar fixed


Alpha 0.04 - The Skills Update


+Added Skill Point System
+Added 7 Locations (Street, Park, School Gym, Comic Book Store, Comic Book Backroom, Club, Mall)
+Added Scenes for Increasing Skills (INT, STA, STR, CHA, LUC)
+Added 4 Characters (Coach Fistem, Phil, Jack, Brock)
+Added Miss Allaway Clickable Character
+Added Crowds for (Main Beach)
+Added Background for the Outside of the Café
+Added Effie Date Scene
+Added Splash Screen and End of Main Story Notice
+Fixed points with Effie when it goes below 0 pts
+Fixed the Time/Energy GUI so it’s easier to read
+Completely filled in Café Menu Board
+Completely filled the Town Map with buildings and other entities
+Improved the Quit Screen Font
+Improved the Missing Poster
+Improved Dialogue Box to easier see sprites waist area
+Nropexin is added to the team as an assistant-programmer


+Fixed the Phone GUI mis-clicked button bug

Alpha 0.05 - The Drama Update


+Added Cheat System
+Added Bag and Wallet GUI
+Added more Main Story sequences
+Added 1st part of Missus’ Side Story
+Added Hitomi, Effie, Brock as Clickable Characters
+Added minor Hitomi Side Story
+Added replayable Effie’s H-Scene sequence
+Added option to skip Effie’s H-Scene
+Added introductory sequence to Fight Club
+Added 9 Characters (Lord Kevlamin, Davendithas, Crugeon, Miss Lashley, Coach Fistem, Brock, Jack, Hitomi, Alanna)
+Added Icy Creampy at the Mall
+Added New Kitchen Chalkboard Drawings
+Added New Phone Contacts
+Fixed Skill Feature so that you can only increase INT, LUK, and STA once per day.
+Porno Magazine Item not added
+New Changeroom Attendees not added
+Effie Sex in MC Bedroom Scene CG not added
+Jack bumping into you CG not added


+Fixed Street Access Bug
+Fixed Throwaway Conversation Images with Missus in the Kitchen


+Added New Beach Changeroom Attendees
+Fixed Davendithas Phone Contact
+Fixed Coach Fistem Phone Cheat
+Fixed Grammar and Improved Conversation with Coach Fistem

Alpha 0.06 - The Exploration Update


+Added Background People in 5 Locations (Café, Classroom, School Hallway 1, Comic Book Store, Park, School Yard, Street)
+Added Popup Notifications
+Added New Intro Sequence
+Added Jane in Bathroom Sequence (Scheduled Event [Tue&Thur Morning/ Sat Afternoon])
+Added Missus in Bathroom Sequence (Scheduled Event [Wed Morning/ Mon&Sun Afternoon])
+Added More Hitomi Side Story as a Random Event at the Beach
+Added Random Encounter with Effie at the Mall
+Added Random Encounter with Violette at the Park at Night
+Added Random Encounter with Jacob in the School Hallway 2
+Added Random Encounter with Miss Allaway in the School Hallway 1
+Added Violette as a Changeroom Attendee
+Added Fades to Naps and Sleeps
+Added Fuck Bitches Pay Weekly Magazine Item
+Fixed Sequence so the player can only go home after Effie’s H-Scene
+Fixed and Improved Dialogue and Sequences to fit with the New Story
+Italicized All Main Character’s Thoughts
+Improved Jane’s Wake Up Scene
+Improve Sprites for ALL Characters
+Completed the Comic Book Store
+Completed the Café Interior
-There’s a bug with Item and Money disappearing when game is refreshed
-There’s a bug with the Park at Night where the RNG doesn’t work so Violette shows up 100% of the time
-Behind the Rocks locations not added
-Patron’s character 69 request behind the rocks not added
-Skinny dipping scene not added
-Hitomi’s Changeroom CG not added
-Jack bumping into MC CG not added


+Password input at night fixed to update password
+Random Number notification box in the park at night is fixed
+Hitomi random event at the beach fix
+Getting a job at the mall before visiting the comic book store bug fixed (It skips the intro sequence with Jacob and Hitomi and skips defining important information for Hitomi)
+Conversation with Missus and Jane only triggers in the afternoon so the whole day isn’t wasted
+Added more varied messages about location at the very beginning for first time players.
+Increased random encounter rate from 5% to 20%
+Buying Magazine off Hitomi bug fixed
-Hitomi’s one-on-one conversation mapping has a loop.
-Inventory system is still bugged


+Added Location (Behind Rocks at the Beach)
+Added End of Main Story Screen
+Added Violette 69ing with a girl Behind the Rocks at the Beach (Patron Reward Request)
+Added More Kitchen Chalkboard Messages (Patron Reward Request)
+Fixed Hitomi one-on-one conversation in the comic book store mapping
+Fixed Inventory System (items doesn’t disappear and money doesn’t revert back to its default state)
+Fixed Violette’s random encounter in the Park at night 100% appear rate bug
+Fixed Kitchen Chalkboard changing after conversation bug
+Improved Missus and Jane Bathroom Sequence
+Violette Random Encounter at the Park only triggers when entered from the Map
-Hitomi’s Changeroom CG not added
-Jack bumping into MC CG not added
-Behind the Rock at Night not added
-Skinny Dipping Scene is not completed

Alpha 0.07 - The Sex World Update


+Added Main Story Progression
+Added Minor Missus Story Progression
+Added New Location: Hospital Room
+Added New Character: Nurse Hollick
+Added 2 Softcore H-scenes
+Added Behind the Rocks at the Beach at Night
+Added Notification about Points Needed in Hitomi Conversation at the Beach
+Added Point Notification for the Skinny Dipping Scene
+Added SexWorld Versions of Locations: (Beach & Comic Book Store are empty), Café, Schoolyard, Park, School Hallway 1, and Classroom
+Added Shocked Sprites for MC, Missus, and Effie
+Fixed Effie appearing at the Café in the Morning bug
+Fixed Missus in the Kitchen while in the Bathroom bug
+Fixed Random Number showing up Behind the Rocks
+Fixed Skill Activity Reset when sleeping with Effie bug
+Fixed Clothed MC during Naked Hitomi Conversation at the Beach
+Fixed Clothed Hitomi Conversation occurring at the Beach after getting naked in the Change rooms
+Fixed Parents’ Room triggering Jane’s Room after Missus’ Drama Conversation
+Fixed Wrong Skill Point Notification when Increasing Charisma Skill
+Fixed Students at Schoolyard on the Weekends
+Fixed Reoccurring Hitomi Conversation at the Beach after passing it the first time
+Fixed All Beach Changerooms at Night goes to Red when Violette hasn’t been met yet and her changeroom attendance is triggered
+Changed/Improved the Skill Upgrading Mechanic
+Disabled Maps in some areas for a pipeline play through instead of accidentally skipping important scenes
+Violette in the Change rooms at night only occur after you’ve met her during the day
-Jane’s Bedroom at Night triggers a day cycle bug
-Skinny Dipping Scene not complete
-The Mysterious Figure and Drowning Scene not complete
-Violette Saving You and Hospital Checkup Scene not complete
-Figure at the door after Missus and MC last conversation in main story not added
-Hospital Room Background not added
-Hitomi’s Changeroom CG not added
-Hitomi Sex World Gangbang CG not added
-Jack bumping into MC CG not added
-Nurse Hollick phone contact not added
-Miss Allaway Conversation in sex world is not sexy
-Going through the Lake Portal on a Friday or a Saturday causes a weekend school day error
-Nropexin is no longer part of this project


+Added New Changeroom Attendee
+Added Miss Allaway Optional Conversation in Sexyverse
+Completed Mysterious Figure at the Park Scene
+Completed Violette Saving You Scene
+Completed Text from Effie Scene
+Completed Skinny Dipping Scene at the Beach
+Completed Hospital Check-up Scene
+Completed Drowning Scene
+Fixed Jane’s Room at night triggering the day cycle with a NaN time bug
+Fixed Effie’s Text triggering on a Friday or a Saturday (because the required school scene the next day would’ve ended up on a weekend)
+Fixed Skill Upgrading System
+Fixed Sprites, Notifications, Font Style
+Removed Missus’ Bathroom Scene on a Wednesday Morning after the Hospital Scene (because she’s present in the kitchen)
+Removed Jane’s Bathroom Scene on a Tuesday and Friday Morning after the Hospital Scene
+Improved Hitomi’s Beach Conversation
+Improved Skinny Dipping Scene at the Beach and added an Easter Egg
-Figure at the door after Missus and MC last conversation in main story not added
-Hospital Room Background not added
-Hitomi’s Changeroom CG not added
-Jack bumping into MC CG not added
-Nurse Hollick phone contact not added
-Hitomi Sex World Gangbang CG not added


+Fixed Hitomi Conversation at the Beach Bug

Alpha 0.08 - The Cradle Update


+Added Missus Side Story Progression
+Added Missus visible in the living room from the Kitchen at Night when watching TV
+Added Hospital Room BG
+Added Parents Room
+Added Quest Item
+Added Choices for Hitomi Gangbang Scene in the Sex World
+Added Ability to work at Ice Creampy
+Added Nurse Hollick Contact
+Added Retail Store
+Added Electronics Cabinet at Retail Store
+Added Crowd to the Mall
+Added 2 Glory Hole Scenes at the beach
+Added New Character
+Added Icecream’py Background to Alanna’s Conversation
+Added screen shake in some areas
+Improved Missus in the Kitchen Button
+Improved Missus Drama Scene
+Improved and Updated the Phone GUI
+Improved and Readjusted the size of Ice Creampy and the railing at the Mall
+Fixed Dialogue Italics
+Fixed Skill Success Percentage Rate
+Made Hitomi Gangbang not compulsory to forward the story
-Objective and Achievement Tab in phone is not usable
-Retail Store Customers not added
-Hitomi Gangbang Scenes CG not added
-Jack bumping into MC CG not added
-Hitomi’s Changeroom CG not added


-Minor Bug Fixes
-Fixed Missus and Jane’s Bathroom Schedule Bug
-Fixed Amount of money you make with two shifts
-Updated Quit Screen Credits


Alpha 0.09 - The Violent Update


+Added Main Story Progression
+Added Missus Side Story Progression
+Added 2 New Characters (One unnamed)
+Added 3 Gloryhole Participants
+Added 3 Changeroom Participants
+Added Locations (School Cafeteria)
+Added Jack Bumping into MC Scene
+Added Functional Objectives Tab in the phone for Main story and Side story
+Added Xray Option
+Added Xray and Cum Inside Sequence for Skinny Dipping Scene
+Completed Location (Hallway 2)
+Improved MC’s Bedroom
+Improved Quit Screen Patreon Girl
+Improved Changeroom Randomized Attendees
+Fixed Missus Side Story Triggering in Livingroom after accepting text from Effie
-Achievement Tab in phone is not usable
-Hitomi Gangbang Scenes CG not added
-Hitomi’s Changeroom CG not added
-Changeroom Bugs
-Missus Side Story Trigger Bug


+Fixed Effie Gloryhole Scene Bug
+Fixed Night Changeroom Bug
+Fixed Changeroom in the Sex World Bug
+Fixed Missus’s Side Story Trigger Bug


+Major Missus Side Story Fix
+Fixed Missus’s Phone Objectives
+Fixed Violette Randomly Appearing after Main Story
+Fixed Changeroom Emptiness Bug After Mainstory Ends
+Fixed Hitomi (Not Available #2) Side Story Objectives on Phone Bug
+Got rid of incorrect Missus Story End Message


+Some Grammar and Spelling Fixes
+Fixed and Improved Missus and MC’s argument scene
+Fixed Hitomi’s Phone Objective Section Bug
+Fixed Bug where you can see Missus in the livingroom from the kitchen but isn’t actually there when you have accepted Effie’s Park Invitation via Text
+Fixed undefined variable bug that determines what Missus says before she goes to bed with you
+Fixed Bedroom at night after sleeping after having a fight with Missus bug
+Made a morning transition after Missus’ story ends in bed
+Made Bumping into Jack an afternoon event as Miss Lashley is “going for lunch”
+Made Effie’s Text to you appear only once a night for as long as you decline
+Got rid of Jane in the shower even when she said she’s off to work after coming back from Effie’s
+Got rid of ability to go out of the house before your conversation with Missus after your cuddling session the night before

Alpha 0.10 - The Teddy Bear Update


+Code Restructuring and Optimization
+Added Missus Progression
+Added 2 Minor Characters (Usher and Waiter)
+Added 3 New Sprites (Formal MC, Formal Missus, and Casual Missus)
+Added 4 Locations (Frontyard, Backyard, Dining Room, Cinema)
+Added 9 Quest Items
+Added Toggle-able Store Counters
+Added Retail Store Customers
+Added Another Retail Store Section
+Added Crowd to the Street at night
+Added 3 Changeroom Gloryhole Attendees
+Added 1 Character Event Behind the Rocks
+Added Appropriate Furniture at Girl at the Door Scene
+Added Appropriate Furniture at Missus Fallen Asleep Scene
+Added Appropriate Furniture at Save Missus from Dad Scene
+Added New Team Members in Credits
+Improved Gloryhole BJ Length
+Improved 2 Locations (Jane’s Room & Living Room)
+Improved Brock’s Sprite
+Improved Wake Up Jane Scene
+Improved Bathroom Voyeur Scenes
+Fixed Living Room button in Kitchen to match updated Living Room
+Fixed Fence and Sky colours outside the Kitchen Window to match the backyard
+Fixed some Grammar and Spelling
-Missus Dinner Scene’s CG is not complete
-Clothing Area of Retail Store not added
-Achievements Phone Tab not working


+Added Button navigating from Kitchen to Dining Room
+Updated Missus’ Side Story
+Fixed Card Playing Table Bug
+Fixed Wall Button in Bathroom when spying on Missus and Jane
+Fixed Bug where nothing happens after giving Missus a Teddy Bear
+Fixed Lillian BJ Gloryhold Scene
+Fixed Nurse Hollick BJ Gloryhole Scene
+Fixed Buying a Suit from Janae Bug
+Fixed Price and Button placement in the Retail Store Section
+Fixed Some Alanna Sprites when buying icecream from her
+Fixed and Improved Cheer Missus Up Dialogue
+Fixed Bath H-Scene with Missus
+Got rid of wrong End of Missus Story Message
+Got rid of Missus in the shower and kitchen while she’s supposed to be in her room
+Got rid of Missus shown in the livingroom at night on the first Tuesday when she’s not there
-If you reload the game, the game won’t detect the quest items you bought
-Cum Button in the Bath with Missus Scene isn't functional


+Added Remaining Art for Dinner Date scene with Missus
+Added Icecreampy Background when buying Icecream for Missus
+Fixed Bug where Game couldn’t detect items when the game is reloaded
+Fixed Can’t Buy Smart TV Box Bug
+Fixed Black Screen when Telling Missus the Smart TV Box won’t cost her
+Fixed Bath with Missus Cum Button
+Fixed Street Background in the Sex World
+Got rid of Inaccurate End of Missus Story Messages
-Going to the cinema at night crashes the game
-Bar and VIP section of the club crashes the game
-Bill during the Dinner Date scene only flashes for a split second
-Lillian in the Gloryhole goes into an endless loop

Alpha 0.11 - The Homerun Update


+Code Restructuring and Optimization
+Added Homerun with Missus
+Added Jane Side Story Progress
+Added Miss Allaway Side Story Progress
+Added 7 Tracks of Music/Textures
+Added Random Title Screen Feature
+Added Clothing Retail Section
+Added Choice to Go to Bedroom or Front of house from Map
+Added 6.5 Locations ( Jacob’s House, Office, Police Station, Principal’s Office, Male and Female School Bathrooms, Mall Outside at Night)
+Improved and Updated the Skill System so it doesn’t use RNG and it doubles points you gain and lose if you’re not at a high enough level
+Improved and Updated Dialogue Box
+Improved and Updated Choice Menu Box
+Improved and Updated Notification Box
+Improved and Updated A Town Uncovered Logo
+Improved Art for Effie Milkshake Date
+Fixed Hitomi not appearing at the beach
+Fixed Bill preview during Dinner Date
+Fixed Game crashing when visiting the Cinema at Night
+Fixed some incorrect spirtes in conversations
+Fixed the Dining Room mowed grass exterior in the window
+Fixed Bill Reaction in Missus’ Dinner Date scene
-Choices with longer lengths will go over the choice frame
-Jane Art or Sprites not present when talking to her in her room at night
-The Town Music restarts whenever you click on the Map


+Fixed Game Crashing Error in Effie’s Room and House
+Fixed Game Crashing Error when leaving voyeurism scenes in the bathroom
+Fixed Game Music so that the town music doesn’t repeat whenever the townmap is clicked
+Fixed Game Breaking Bug where conversation with Missus about getting a job doesn’t happen
-Choices with longer lengths will go over the choice frame
-Jane Art or Sprites not present when talking to her in her room at night
-Town Roaming music doesn't loop properly (minor bug)
-Choices with longer lengths will go over the choice frame
-Jane Art or Sprites not present when talking to her in her room at night
-Town Roaming music doesn’t loop properly (minor bug)
-Bug in Mall Navigation
-Infinite Loop Bug in the bedroom in the morning after the cuddle scene with Missus (work around by working at icecreampy)
-When Jane asks for money in the schoolyard, error happens involving the luck skill


+Added Music During When going to the kitchen for the first time in the morning
+Added ability to replay Missus' H-scene in the bedroom
+Fixed Infinite Loop happening in the hallway and livingroom on a Tuesday
+Fixed Infinite Loop happening in the bedroom in the morning after talking to Missus after cuddle scene
+Fixed Error with Mall Navigation
+Fixed Town Roaming Music so it loops correctly
+Fixed bug during chat with Jane about borrowing money involving the luck skill
+Fixed Endless loop with Lillian in the Gloryhole scene at the beach
-Choices with longer lengths will go over the choice frame
-Jane Art or Sprites not present when talking to her in her room at night
-Infinite Loop in the bedroom related to Missus’ Side Story
-If you go anywhere at night in the sex world, the map disappears
-Missus’ H-scene’s pace is strangely at hyper speed
-Sprites aren’t present in Jacob’s conversation with the MC in the schoolyard


+Added Jacob and MC sprites in conversation in the schoolyard after Jane’s conversation
+Added Note about missing CG scene in Jane’s Bedroom
+Fixed Infinite Loop in the bedroom during the day that is related to Missus’ side story
+Fixed Map not showing up in the sex world at night
+Fixed Spelling Errors
+Fixed Infinite Loop that occurs when you pick ‘no’ when asked to wait for Effie outside.
+Fixed Infinite Loop that occurs when you pick ‘no’ when asked to wait for Missus in the livingroom
+Fixed Infinite Loop that occurs when you pick ‘no’ when asked to sit with Miss Allaway in the cafeteria
+Fixed Incorrect Sprite placement during Conversation with Jane in the Schoolyard
-Missus’ H-scene’s pace is strangely at hyper speed? For some people?
-Choices with longer lengths will go over the choice frame
-Jane Art not present when talking to her in her room at night


+Fixed Missus’ H-scene Speed
+Fixed Choice box size to fit longer text
+Minor code and naming convention fixes in the files

Alpha 0.12 - The Movie Update


+General Code Restructuring
+Added Missus Side Story Progress
+Added Option to start a new game or load a preset state to mimic the end of a previous version
+Added Calander in Bedroom
+Added Year System
+Added Money Cheat to Bag accessible with Cheat Code
+Added CG Scene for Conversation with Jane in her Bedroom
+Added CG Scene when giving Missus a Strip Tease
+Added 2 Locations (Hospital, Street Alleyway)
+Added Sexworld Versions of 2 Locations (Mall and Retail Store)
+Added Sexworld Interaction with Janae
+Added Laptop Background
+Added Notification to funnel the player into triggering the conversation about getting a job
+Added Dog to pet at the park
+Added Additional Violette Interaction where she tells you off for going behind the rocks while still clothed
+Updated Town Map
+Changed Jane’s Camgirl Username from Plushibun2 to LittleBowPeep
+Changed time to be set to afternoon after getting a camgurl text from Jane
+Disabled Map in the School Gym at night to funnel the player to trigger Miss Allaway’s story
+Disabled Ability to buy another Antivirus after using it to fix Missus’ PC
+Fixed Hyperspeed bug with Skinny Dipping H-scene
+Fixed Logic Bug where Jacob’s Random Encounter in the school hallway can happen after he says he’ll go meet Hitomi in the schoolyard
+Fixed Logic Bug where you can sit with Miss Allaway at the Cafeteria in the Sex World
+Fixed Logic Bug where Jacob talks to you about the magazine in the Sex World
+Fixed Bug where you can wait for Missus in the Living Room in the Sex World to watch TV
+Fixed Bug where you can have the Bath with Missus conversation again when you refuse to masturbate with her
+Fixed Bug where Skill Leveling doesn’t Reset after Sleeping with Missus after the fight with Dad.
+Fixed Bug where you can zoom into the Police Station at the start of the game
+Fixed Bug where you can visit the Office and Police Station on the first day of school
+Fixed Bug where you can see Jane behind Jacob’s Sprite in the Schoolyard scene
+Fixed Bug where it shows that you lost $500 whether you had that much money or not
+Fixed Bug where talking to Brock in the Cafe twice in a row is both like a first interaction
+Fixed Funneling System so that you can’t go to the Garden after your night with Effie
+Fixed Navigation Bug where clicking on the Blue Roofed House goes to Effie’s House
-Missing Art include: Missus Scenes at the movies, Missus watching Porn, Dreams about Missus, Homerun Anal Scenes with Missus
-Nothing is actually scheduled to the calendar system yet


+Fixed Loop Bug at the Park with Missus
+Fixed Bug where Jane appears at the very start of the game
+Fixed Navigation Bug with the Alleyway
+Other Related Trigger Fixes
+Typography Fixes


+Fixed Navigation to the Hospital
+Fixed Infinite loops in Gloryhole Scenes
+Fixed Miss Allaway Cafeteria Trigger
+Fixed Missus giving head in the middle of the night trigger
+Fixed Bug of (Missus)pastsunset_attend not being defined
+Fixed Bug that disabled a temporary fix to allow revisiting Missus’ Home Run Scene
+Disabled Violette talking to you in the sex world about undressing
+Planned out “Random Encounters” in a Calendar System instead of RNG

Alpha 0.13 - The Camgurl Update


+Jane Progress
+General Code Restructuring
+General Fix of Missus’ Story Trigger Points
+General Font, Spelling and Grammar fixes
+Added New Location
+Added Incest Porno with Missus Scene
+Added Anal Missionary Scene in Missus’ H-scene
+Added Anal Bent Over Scene in Missus’ H-scene
+Added Missus Movie Date Handjob Scenes
+Added Missus Movie BJ Scenes
+Added Missus Midnight Magazine-Triggered Grinding Scene
+Added a Research Section for Story Progressing Purposes
+Added Proper Transition Conversations based on outcome after Missus’ Dinner Date
+Added a ‘Next Week’ option for Effie’s Text to Meet at the Park
+Improved Notification at the end of Missus’ Dinner Date
+Improved Missus Objective about ‘Waiting till Friday’
+Optimized sprite coding in scenes with 3 people
+Fixed Trigger points for Missus Watching Porno Scene
+Fixed Temporary Missus Trigger to Revisit the Home Run Scene
+Fixed Shopping feature so that items can only be bought once
-Missing Art include: Dreams about Missus


+Spelling and Typo Fixes and Dialogue Improvements/ Changes
+Added a ‘Fail-Safe’ feature that allows you to skip over a blockade or errors in the game
+Added IceCream’py Counter when checking on Alanna about the Job
+Added Shaking Effects
+Added Minor Throwaway Lines to fit the mood of the Miss Allaway
+Added Carpet to Missus Cuddling Scene in the Living Room
+Added Outcome for when you don’t have enough money during the first camgurl stream
+Improved Visibility of the Paper in Jane’s Room
+Fixed Trigger so Jane doesn’t show up in the Hallway after being Scolded by Missus
+Fixed Trigger that allows you to skip nights with Missus without her feeling mad
+Fixed Trigger about the conversation that you have with Missus about her Healed Eye
+Fixed Trigger Bug that doesn’t allow you to learn how to pick a lock
+Fixed Infinite Loop outside the Cafe at night
+Fixed Zoom in on the Hospital at Night at the Start
+Fixed Some Notification Popups
+Fixed Some Transitions
+Fixed Bug where Missus is in the Bath when you just got out after watching Jane’s Stream
+Optimized sprite coding in scenes with 3 people
+Locked Jane’s Bedroom in the Afternoon on a Wednesday to fit with the story


Alpha 0.14 - The Fortress Update


+General Code Optimization
+Jane Story Progression
+Compressed Scene Assets and Reduced the Game size by almost half
+Disabled ONLY the map in appropriate places instead of all the entire hud
+Added Jane in her Room to Talk to
+Added 15 Mini-throwaway Dialogues with Jane
+Added Missus in the Living Room to Talk to
+Added Missus in her Room to Talk to
+Added 15 Mini-throwaway Dialogues with Missus
+Added Parents Sleeping in their Room
+Added Roleplayers as Card Game Opponents
+Added Art for Researching at the PC Sequence
+Added Point Increase when successfully climaxing with Missus in the Bath
+Improved Jane’s Sprites (Minor Changes)
+Improved Visibility of Paper in Jane’s Room and Made the Objective more clear
+Improved Art for Studying in Class (Int Skill)
+Improved Art for Running at the Park (Sta Skill)
+Improved Art for Playing Cards (Luc Skill)
+Improved Art for Fight Club (Str Skill)
+Improved Art for Dance Club (Cha Skill)
+Adjusted Point Increase and Decrease during Missus’ Fight Scene in your bedroom
+Fixed Bug that allowed you to choose ‘Test Screening’ and ‘Mystery Movie’ at the cinema even if you have less than $60
+Fixed the Calendar so the date is accurate to the day of the week and added a trigger to forward the date after Effie’s Sex Scene
+Fixed Missus’ Objective from ‘Go about your day’ to ‘Sleep at night’ after scene in her room
+Fixed and Updated Missus’ location appearance, triggers, and dialogue throughout the house
+Fixed the Size of the Front Door in the Living Room
+Fixed Notification after Dinner Date with Missus so it displays the correct amount you owe her if you split the bill
+Fixed ‘Sex Dimension’ option choice when unlocking the door so it’s only available if you’ve been there
+Fixed Logic Bug where you have to wait for Monday Afternoon to talk to Missus but she’s in the shower. Move the day to Tuesday Afternoon.
+Fixed Logic Bug where Missus gives you a BJ in the cinema before your first supposed BJ from her in the park
+Fixed Incorrect Anal Scene Cumming Dialogue with Missus
+Fixes with Notifications, Dialogue, Objectives and Incorrect Sprite Placement
-Boxfort in the Basement isn’t built, continuity error
-Bug where the map doesn't re-enable after Effie's H-scene (To bypass it, enable the cheats, go to the PC and use the fail safe system. Manually enter '15' for the Main Story and go down to the livingroom.)


+Fixed Bug where the map doesn’t re-enable after Effie’s H-scene
+Fixed Graphical Bug where dad is in the bedroom when he’s supposed to be out of town
-When trying to access the Jane’s cam stream, sometimes it jumps you to a changeroom scene or even brings you to the title screen. To avoid this, make sure you only access the stream when the objectives tell you to and on a Wednesday Afternoon.
-After talking to Missus in the livingroom about fixing the computer, the sprites are still displayed in the navigation screen
-Logic bug that shows Jane in the bath and in the bedroom at the same time


+Fixed Re-enabling Map Bug after Effie’s H-scene
+Fixed Access to Jane’s Cam Stream Bug
+Fixed Sprite still present bug when talking to Missus in the Living Room
+Fixed Fail-Safe so it works when the cheatcode is successfully inputted instead of that AND the cheats have to be toggled on

Alpha 0.15 - The 20Q Update


+Female MC Story Progression
+Added 3 New Randomized Title screen Backgrounds
+Added Boxfort to the Basement after it has been built
+Added New Character (Hazel)
+Added 2 New Locations (‘Adult Store’ & ‘Grundle Sam’s Things & Stuff’)
+Added ‘Force Enable Map’ Cheat Button and ‘No Skill Max Limit’ Cheat Button to Phone
+Added Jacob in the School Hallways to Talk To
+Added Jacob in the Comic Book Store to Talk To
+Added 15 Mini-throwaway Dialogues with Jacob
+Redone the Skill System
+Redone the Basement so it’s more spacious to fit the Boxfort
+Redone and Improved Effie’s Kissing Scene
+Redone and Improved Effie’s Bj Scene
+Redone and Improved Effie’s Mutual Masturbation Scene
+Redone and Improved Effie’s Post-Sex Scene
+Redone and Improved Beach Change Rooms so it’s now scheduled rather than RNG
+Improved the Missus’ Movie scenes so scenes are choosable based on your RP with Missus and scenes are longer
+Fixed Bug where accessing the Female MC’s cam stream sometimes sends you to a beach changeroom sequence
+Fixed Bug where the map is gone after having sex with Effie
+Fixed Bug related to a choice made with the Female MC in the Fort
+Fixed Bug that shows the kitchen buttons in the livingroom if you pre-maturely let Missus know you’re ready for the dinner date
-Female MC’s Side Story has Unfinished CG Art
-Effie’s Missionary Scene needs to be Redone and Improved
-Skill Items assets not Created
-Adult Store asset not Complete
-New Store in Mall’s assets not Complete
-Hazel (Manager) Store Button not Complete
-New Store in Mall’s Owner not Complete
-Phone Skills Page doesn’t automatically update when using Cheats


+Fixed and Organised the PC Options
+Fixed Map so it’s enabled after 20Q with Jane
+Fixed Undefined Variables in the Changerooms
+Fixed Graphical Bug with Effie’s Mutual Masturbation Scene
+Fixed Bug where you can interact with Missus in the Living Room before talking to her in the Kitchen about your new job


Alpha 0.16 - The TroubleMaker Update


+Complied to Patreon’s Guidelines by disabling the ability to go down any of the banned routes
+Jane Story Progression
+Compressed Town Map and Phone Assets
+Grammar and Typo Fixes
+Added New Characters (Mina, Grundle Sam, Steve)
+Added the Roleplayers as clickable characters in the Comic book store backroom
+Added Effie as a clickable character at the park at Night
+Added Effie as a clickable character in the classroom in the Morning
+Added Steve in the Nightclub
+Added Miss Lashley to the Principal’s Office
+Added Grundle Sam and an introduction conversation in the Stuff and Things Store
+Added Skill Items Assets
+Added Dialogue with Hitomi where she mentions the Adult Store
+Added Dialogue with Jane where the MC mentions interacting with the bartender
+Added Art Asset for Cheer the Missus Up Errand Scenes
+Added Art Asset for Jane’s 20Q Scene
+Added Art Asset for Jane in the Adult Store Scene
+Added Adult Store Backroom BG
+Added Principal’s Office as an accessible room in the school after you visit the fight club
+Added Website Link to the Game’s Main Menu
+Completed Adult Store
+Improve Miss Allaway button in the Classroom
+Fixed Trigger in the Sex World so you can’t initiate any Jane Side Story
+Fixed Bug in the Sex World where dad is meant to be there sleeping with the Missus
+Fixed the Missus Cunnilingus’ trigger scene
+Fixed Bug that assumes you already asked the Missus out on a Dinner Date and awaits for you to buy a suit
+Fixed Map Disabling Bug before asking the Missus out on a Dinner Date
+Fixed Jacob’s Sprite position so he’s facing right when touring the MC in the comic book store
+Fixed the Missus’ Dialogue where she treats the anal scene as if it was her vagene
+Fixed Jane’s Phone Objectives
+Fixed Bug when accessing Jane’s stream at the wrong time and or day
+Fixed Bug where the Missus is in bed sleeping when she’s suppose to be out in the Park
+Fixed Bug at the cinema where you gain $60 if you ask your date to pay for the movie
+Fixed Bug that didn’t allow allow an option before watching a Romance Movie with the Missus


Alpha 0.17 - The Outburst Update


+Miss Allaway Story Progression
+Added New Artist
+Added Miss Allaway Casual Outfit
+Added Miss Allaway to the Cafe as a Talkable Character
+Added Crowd on the Dance Floor at the Nightclub
+Added Casual Wear for Dad
+Added Missus Horror Dream Sequence
+Added Missus Action Dream Sequence
+Added Throwaway Chat with Dad in the Living Room
+Added Throwaway Chat with Dad in the Parents Bedroom
+Added Throwaway Chat with Miss Allaway at the Cafe
+Added Throwaway Chat with Davendithas
+Added Throwaway Chat with Crugeon
+Added Throwaway Chat with Lord Kevlamin
+Added Bar Counter for Steve’s Sprite
+Added Office Desk for Miss Lashley’ Sprite
+Added Store Counter for Hazel’s Sprite
+Replaced the Exit sign in the Nightclub with a Street Navigation Button
+Replaced and Updated Grundle Sam’s Store
+Updated the Phone layout so that there isn’t an Achievements Tab
+Updated and Improved Grundle Sam’s Sprite Proportions
+Updated and Improved Cafe Outside location
+Updated and Improved Cafe Worker Buttons
+Fixed Effie appearing at the Park at night on the first night and when you ask her to have some fun at her house any other night
+Fixed and Improved the Phone Skill Tab
+Fixed Bug where nothing happens when you try to Access Jane’s Stream at correct time with no story trigger
-Missus' Romance Dream Sequence not added
-Crugeon Shocked Sprite not added
-Lord Kevlamin Shocked Sprite not added
-Missus’ mouth doesn’t talk during Saving Scene in Action Dream
-New Scenes Not Optimized
-Developer Mode On (It's late, I was tired, I forgot to disable it...)

Alpha 0.17b

+Disabled Developer Mode
+Compressed the New Scenes
+Some Spelling and Grammar Fixes
+Added Crugeon Shocked Sprite
+Added Lord Kevlamin Shocked Sprite
+Added Lip Sync to Missus during the Action Dream Sequence
+Added Lip Sync to the Jane scene before the basement kiss and after the 20q sequence
+Added Conversation Lines to Effie and Jacob’s Cafe and Comic Book Store Invitation
+Changed dialogue option with Miss Allaway about having sex with Effie to ‘staying over’
+Changed Effie’s text trigger so you have to meet certain characters around town first
+Fixed Missus’ conversation about your job before you get a job
+Fixed Bug where you can run across Miss Lashley behind the rocks before you formally met her.
+Fixed Jacob Sprite location when meeting the Role Players
+Fixed Incorrect Sprite in Lord Kev’s Throwaway Chat
+Fixed Incorrect Sprite in Conversation with Missus and Jane about getting a job
+Fixed Bug with Jacob’s Throwaway Chat in the Comic Book Store
+Fixed Bug where Parents are in their room and in the living room at the same time
+Fixed Popup Notification Text when dad counter-tackles you with a reason as to you ‘losing’ points rather than ‘using’ points
+Fixed Bug where Effie is on the Park Bench at night in the Sex World
+Fixed Bug where after Missus gives you a handy in bed and you cum, it takes you to your bedroom at night instead of the next morning
+Fixed Bug where Grundle Sam just says ‘stuff’ when you talk to him instead of having chat options
+Fixed Bug where Dad is still at home on the weekend when he’s supposed to be out of town
+Fixed Incorrect Dialogue with Missus’s Anal Scene at the Desk
+Fixed Bug where during the 20Q with Jane, it occasionally says ‘qc’
+Fixed and Improved Kiss Rejection after 20Q with Jane
+Fixed bug so that Missus isn’t in the living room when you’re supposed to meeting Jane in the basement
+Fixed bug where if you choose not to stay with Jane in the box fort, the phone objectives says ‘Head upstairs’
+Fixed bug where you can visit the cinema location when you’re meant to head straight to school in the Sex World
+Fixed bug where Grundle Sam’s store isn’t accessible in the sex world
+Fixed bug where Missus is in other parts of the house when she’s supposed to be in her room flicking the bean
+Fixed Timing with Notifications after meeting dad in the first morning